October 28, 2008

Finally a few updates to the site……. with lots more to come over the winter, I promise. This update includes lots of pictures of the MK 18 cars. I believe I now have pictures of every car we know about in the world. I have also added information on the MK 19 sports racers that were built for the short-lived F100 sports racer series around 1970. Very little is known about these two cars, but one chassis is in Germany awaiting restoration. I have also added a few more pictures to the photo gallery so be sure to check those out.

Over the winter, I will be adding a LOT of information of HF 602 as well as info on my own car HF 803. HF 602 has some really interesting history, so check back for that this winter. In the meantime, I’ve added a nice picture of my car (HF 803) showing off my new molded bubble windscreen. (it cost a small fortune, but it sure looks good!) So check it out in the owner registry page……….

As always, spread the word about the site, and I encourage anyone with any Alexis information to contact me. I am especially interested in any race results for the works cars in the 60’s in SCCA in the USA and anything from Europe.Thanks for looking and enjoy the site!!