October 05, 2007

It has been a busy summer, and not much time for updating the webpage. I have added the MK 15 and MK 18 registries, and have added quite a few links to pictures of owners’ cars.

I have a LARGE amount of information yet to post, and hope to start on that effort in the late fall and over the coming winter months, so keep checking back for updates as time goes on.

In the future, I have plans to add a “technical” page where I will start off by addressing the Achilles heel of the Alexis formula fords…….. the Imp axles used in the rear uprights. Most of you are probably all too familiar with the issues. I will detail the problem, and offer a solution!

Also currently in the works, I have contracted a highly qualified plastic molding company to produce a run of the proper MK 15 bubble shaped windscreens. I will publish a special page detailing the costs and availability as soon as that information is available. In fact, I am expecting the first screen today, and after passing inspection, the first run will be ordered. I will also post pictures of the screens. The first run will be done in dark gray as per original Alexis spec.

Please forward this link to any Alexis owners you might know, and encourage them to contact me with their car information. I can be reached via email through the contact page on this website. Thanks, and enjoy the site as it grows.