November 11, 2007

WELCOME BACK…….! The webpage is finally back up after three weeks. The problem was a meltdown and total lack of competence by Comcast (my ISP, cable and phone provider) An upgrade that was supposed to provide an hour of inconvenience and NOT interrupt webpage viewing turned into three weeks. If you are reading this, then it is proof that I can once again upload files to the server.

Winter is coming, and with it will come lots of upgrades and additions to the Registry. I will be adding information on the availablity of the new MK 15 windscreens I have commissioned to be made, as well as information on the Imp axle problems and fixes for the MK 14 & MK 15’s. I will also continue to add pictures of cars as they become available.

Enjoy the site, and please contact me if you have any car information or Alexis related questions.