May 08, 2007

The Registry page is finally in proper order, and now updated through the 1968 MK 12 F3 car. I am now working on the MK 15 information, and that will be the next batch of information to be posted. This also brings me to a crossroads, and a question…….. How many MK 15’s were built???? It is well established and accepted that there were 57 MK 14 Russell Alexis formula fords built, But there has never been any conclusive information regarding the number of MK 15’s built. There seem to be two lines of thought, one suggesting that the MK 15 chassis numbers were a continuation of the MK 14 chassis numbers, meaning that the first MK 15 chassis would have been #58, and the remaining cars in sequence from there. The other line of thought would be that the first MK 15 would have carried #1, etc……… In an article in Motorsport, 1971, about Alexis cars, they state that, after the MK 14’s, a further 70 cars were built…….. I have always taken that to mean that a further 70 MK 15’s were built???? I have seen MK 15 chassis #’s as high as 90. So, perhaps, with time, the information we gather may answer this question for us………..Contact me if you have any information relative to this topic.

Now that the webpage is becoming more presentable, I will be promoting it more, and hoping to attract more inflow of information. As always, if you have an Alexis, or have any information or questions, please contact me via the contact page………

Not all of the links in the registry page are active yet, but I will work on getting those together as time allows. Check back often……..