May 06, 2007

Finally a chance to make a few additions, upgrades and long needed changes to the Registry!!! The previous site navigation buttons have been replaced by simple hyperlinks, so you no longer have to have the JAVA program installed to navigate the site………

I have added the MK 14 information that I have to date. I need LOTS of owners to contact me with current information. I have listed cars that I know exist, even if the information was just a reference. There are bound to be some duplications, or incorrect information. Please send any updated information you may have whether on your own car, or a car that you know of. As I promote and advertise the site more, I would suspect that I will receive more and more information. The Registry page needs to be cleaned up a bit, and that will happen soon, as I am learning how to manipulate the tables that they are organized with.

As of today, none of the “detail” hyperlinks for the MK 14’s are functional yet. My next task will be to build individual pages that you can link to that have more detailed information that for each individual chassis #’s. Please be patient – It will happen.

I have a fair amount of MK 15 information, and that will be posted next. I will also be posting information on the one-off MK’s 17 & 12 F3 cars.

Let me know if you have any new information, or any corrections or changes. You can contact me via email from the contact page link.

I have had several inquires from previous owners who had their old chassis numbers, so perhaps we can track down a few of their old cars, and provide the current owners with some new history on their cars.

Enjoy the new information, and urge your fellow Alexis owners to send in their info………..