January 08, 2007

Happy New Year! The Alexis Registry is back online. Due to major technical difficulties (Comcast deleted all web files after account transfer) and a lack of spare time due to the pace of life, the site was down for quite some time. Over the course of the winter, I plan to compile and organize chassis information and get the Registry updated and on line. This is a work in progress, so bear with me as I get it going. I have had some major breakthroughs in the history of the early works cars this past year and look forward to adding information on these cars. In the interim, please contact me via the contact page if you have ANY information on ANY of the Alexis chassis’. I would like to have chassis numbers, AM numbers (left rear shock mount plate), owner, location, description, any historically significant history, and any pictures of the car past or present. Also have a look at the Yahoo group we have set up, and join and contribute there.