December 20, 2008

Happy Holidays to all…..! Ironically, today I received an email from Justin Haler 20 years to the day from the publication of the article he wrote for Autosport on the History of Alexis!It had a publication date of December 20, 1968 (obviously) He was pleasantly surprised to see that his article was still being read after all these years. The article is posted in the history page, if you haven’t already seen it.

New updates to the site include new pictures for the MK 4 owned by Neil Daws, which ran at the Goodwood Festival races this past summer, pictures of the MK 7 HF 701, and new pictures of the MK 5 DAF car as it sits in the DAF museum. Thanks to Arjan DeRoos of Holland for the MK 5 pictures.

As always, please send any and all bits of Alexis information to me, and make sure to pass along the webpage address to your fellow racing enthusiasts. I will be adding new content this winter so check back every once in a while.