Contact Page

To contact the registry to provide information about your car, to ask questions, or to make comments please send me an email to:

If you have a car, please send as much information as you like. I will not be listing “specific” addresses, emails, or phone numbers. The Alexis Owner’s Yahoo Group can be used to contact owners (when I get it up and running). It may be possible in the future to add a hyperlink of owner’s email address in the Registry page, pending owner’s approval.

I will take any and all information that you can provide, even if some details are obscure. If you are an owner, the basic information we would like is:

Chassis type.

Owner’s name and location (personal info to be kept confidential)

Chassis type (MK 14, MK6, etc.)

AM number (the Arch Motors number stamped in the left rear shock mount plate).

Car details. Color, other features.

History, if known.

Pictures past/present.

Any other information deemed pertinent.