Alex Sutton

December 20, 2008

Happy Holidays to all…..! Ironically, today I received an email from Justin Haler 20 years to the day from the publication of the article he wrote for Autosport on the History of Alexis!It had a publication date of December 20, 1968 (obviously) He was pleasantly surprised to see that his article was still being read after all these years. The article is posted in the history page, if you haven’t already seen it.

New updates to the site include new pictures for the MK 4 owned by Neil Daws, which ran at the Goodwood Festival races this past summer, pictures of the MK 7 HF 701, and new pictures of the MK 5 DAF car as it sits in the DAF museum. Thanks to Arjan DeRoos of Holland for the MK 5 pictures.

As always, please send any and all bits of Alexis information to me, and make sure to pass along the webpage address to your fellow racing enthusiasts. I will be adding new content this winter so check back every once in a while.

October 28, 2008

Finally a few updates to the site……. with lots more to come over the winter, I promise. This update includes lots of pictures of the MK 18 cars. I believe I now have pictures of every car we know about in the world. I have also added information on the MK 19 sports racers that were built for the short-lived F100 sports racer series around 1970. Very little is known about these two cars, but one chassis is in Germany awaiting restoration. I have also added a few more pictures to the photo gallery so be sure to check those out.

Over the winter, I will be adding a LOT of information of HF 602 as well as info on my own car HF 803. HF 602 has some really interesting history, so check back for that this winter. In the meantime, I’ve added a nice picture of my car (HF 803) showing off my new molded bubble windscreen. (it cost a small fortune, but it sure looks good!) So check it out in the owner registry page……….

As always, spread the word about the site, and I encourage anyone with any Alexis information to contact me. I am especially interested in any race results for the works cars in the 60’s in SCCA in the USA and anything from Europe.Thanks for looking and enjoy the site!!

April 09, 2008

It’s been a busy winter and not much time for working on webpage updates, but I’ve managed to add lots of information on the MK 3 (HF 301), and also added some pictures and information on MK 8 (HF 801) as well as some pictures of the MK 20 F3 car, and the MK 23 FF formula ford. Since the last update, I have found two MK 15’s in Canada, and they have been added to the registry. Also check out the photo gallery, as there is at least one new photo there. I plan to add to the gallery with time. If any of you have any old Alexis pictures you can share, please forward them to me via email through the contact page. Thanks!

As always, please contact me if you have any Alexis related information that you can supply, and be sure to pass the web address on to others, especially any fellow Alexis owners.

Look for further updates going into the spring. I hope to add information on fixes for the dreaded Imp axle set up in the rear uprights, and information on availability of NEW MK 15 windscreens. I’ve had a mold made, and produced and sold the first run of 8. I do have one black screen left. Please contact me if you have a need for one. The quality is very very good…..

Hope all of you Alexis owners out there have the chance to get your cars out this summer for some racing fun………..

November 11, 2007

WELCOME BACK…….! The webpage is finally back up after three weeks. The problem was a meltdown and total lack of competence by Comcast (my ISP, cable and phone provider) An upgrade that was supposed to provide an hour of inconvenience and NOT interrupt webpage viewing turned into three weeks. If you are reading this, then it is proof that I can once again upload files to the server.

Winter is coming, and with it will come lots of upgrades and additions to the Registry. I will be adding information on the availablity of the new MK 15 windscreens I have commissioned to be made, as well as information on the Imp axle problems and fixes for the MK 14 & MK 15’s. I will also continue to add pictures of cars as they become available.

Enjoy the site, and please contact me if you have any car information or Alexis related questions.

October 05, 2007

It has been a busy summer, and not much time for updating the webpage. I have added the MK 15 and MK 18 registries, and have added quite a few links to pictures of owners’ cars.

I have a LARGE amount of information yet to post, and hope to start on that effort in the late fall and over the coming winter months, so keep checking back for updates as time goes on.

In the future, I have plans to add a “technical” page where I will start off by addressing the Achilles heel of the Alexis formula fords…….. the Imp axles used in the rear uprights. Most of you are probably all too familiar with the issues. I will detail the problem, and offer a solution!

Also currently in the works, I have contracted a highly qualified plastic molding company to produce a run of the proper MK 15 bubble shaped windscreens. I will publish a special page detailing the costs and availability as soon as that information is available. In fact, I am expecting the first screen today, and after passing inspection, the first run will be ordered. I will also post pictures of the screens. The first run will be done in dark gray as per original Alexis spec.

Please forward this link to any Alexis owners you might know, and encourage them to contact me with their car information. I can be reached via email through the contact page on this website. Thanks, and enjoy the site as it grows.

May 08, 2007

The Registry page is finally in proper order, and now updated through the 1968 MK 12 F3 car. I am now working on the MK 15 information, and that will be the next batch of information to be posted. This also brings me to a crossroads, and a question…….. How many MK 15’s were built???? It is well established and accepted that there were 57 MK 14 Russell Alexis formula fords built, But there has never been any conclusive information regarding the number of MK 15’s built. There seem to be two lines of thought, one suggesting that the MK 15 chassis numbers were a continuation of the MK 14 chassis numbers, meaning that the first MK 15 chassis would have been #58, and the remaining cars in sequence from there. The other line of thought would be that the first MK 15 would have carried #1, etc……… In an article in Motorsport, 1971, about Alexis cars, they state that, after the MK 14’s, a further 70 cars were built…….. I have always taken that to mean that a further 70 MK 15’s were built???? I have seen MK 15 chassis #’s as high as 90. So, perhaps, with time, the information we gather may answer this question for us………..Contact me if you have any information relative to this topic.

Now that the webpage is becoming more presentable, I will be promoting it more, and hoping to attract more inflow of information. As always, if you have an Alexis, or have any information or questions, please contact me via the contact page………

Not all of the links in the registry page are active yet, but I will work on getting those together as time allows. Check back often……..

May 06, 2007

Finally a chance to make a few additions, upgrades and long needed changes to the Registry!!! The previous site navigation buttons have been replaced by simple hyperlinks, so you no longer have to have the JAVA program installed to navigate the site………

I have added the MK 14 information that I have to date. I need LOTS of owners to contact me with current information. I have listed cars that I know exist, even if the information was just a reference. There are bound to be some duplications, or incorrect information. Please send any updated information you may have whether on your own car, or a car that you know of. As I promote and advertise the site more, I would suspect that I will receive more and more information. The Registry page needs to be cleaned up a bit, and that will happen soon, as I am learning how to manipulate the tables that they are organized with.

As of today, none of the “detail” hyperlinks for the MK 14’s are functional yet. My next task will be to build individual pages that you can link to that have more detailed information that for each individual chassis #’s. Please be patient – It will happen.

I have a fair amount of MK 15 information, and that will be posted next. I will also be posting information on the one-off MK’s 17 & 12 F3 cars.

Let me know if you have any new information, or any corrections or changes. You can contact me via email from the contact page link.

I have had several inquires from previous owners who had their old chassis numbers, so perhaps we can track down a few of their old cars, and provide the current owners with some new history on their cars.

Enjoy the new information, and urge your fellow Alexis owners to send in their info………..

March 02, 2007

The Registry has been updated with information on the 1964 MK 6, HF 601. The car has just finished a long restoration and is alive and well in Australia.The car was beautifully restored by Lou Russo, and is owned by Anna Dizane. For pictures and further details, follow the hyperlink in the registry page.

Time still short, by trying to update the registry when I can. Please forward any and all Alexis related information to me via the email address posted in the contact page. I have lots of information yet to be posted, but always looking for more. I have located 3 of the 5 factory “works” cars that were imported into the USA and Canada, and I am now looking to find the MK 3 Formula Junior, and the 1966 MK 9. The MK 9 was supposed to have had a very successful campaign in SCCA racing in the mid to late 60’s here in the USA. If anyone has ANY details or information on these 2 cars, please let me know………….If you know anyone with an Alexis car, or anyone with any Alexis related information, please urge them to contact me via email. THANKS!!!!!!! Enjoy the site as it grows.

January 18, 2007

Today, I have added the beginning of the Alexis Registry of cars. It starts with the 1959 MK 1 Formula Jr, and information has been included for the “works” formula Juniors and Formula 2/3 cars up to 1965. The remaining Formula 2/3 works cars and the formula ford information to be posted as soon as I can get the information inserted into tables and posted. Once the registry information has been posted, I will then work on adding detail pages for those chassis’ that have detailed information, links, or pictures. Please contact me via the contact page if you have any information to add, or have any corrections. It will always be a work in progress, but we’re off the ground and flying!

If you or anyone you know owns an Alexis chassis, or has any information to contribute, please contact me via email at the contact page. I will soon be posting on some of the major formula car websites around the world to start soliciting for more Alexis related information. Thanks for looking, and enjoy the site as it grows.

If you are using dial up for internet access, please bear with me as I learn to reduce the size of pictures and files. My first order of business is to try to figure out how to provide a link to a PDF file of the Haler article in the history page – that will save some download time………

January 11, 2007

Still learning but making progress in the new year! Today, I have added scans of the best article written on the history of Alexis. It was written by Justin Haler and appeared in the Dec 20, 1968 issue of Autosport magazine. It can be seen in the ALEXIS HISTORY PAGE . Next mission is to start collating chassis information and figure out how to insert it into tables for all to see. Wish me luck!