April 15, 2006

Welcome to the Alexis Registry! After years of “thinking” about doing this, I finally took the plunge and made it happen. Your webmaster is Scott Sanders, owner of a 1967 MK 8 F2 car and a 1969 MK 15 formula ford. I have been racing the formula ford since 1998, and I continue to develop the F2 car after its purchase in 2004.

The purpose of this site, as the home page states, is to provide a place to collect, record, and share information about the Alexis marque of formula racing cars. I hope to contribute to the preservation of the history of these great cars.

Please bear in mind that this is a non-profit amateur effort, and please consider it to be a work in progress. I am learning the webpage building process as I go, but so far so good! I think that long term it will turn out to be a success. I am sure that there will be glitches here and there, so be patient while I figure all of this out.