April 09, 2008

It’s been a busy winter and not much time for working on webpage updates, but I’ve managed to add lots of information on the MK 3 (HF 301), and also added some pictures and information on MK 8 (HF 801) as well as some pictures of the MK 20 F3 car, and the MK 23 FF formula ford. Since the last update, I have found two MK 15’s in Canada, and they have been added to the registry. Also check out the photo gallery, as there is at least one new photo there. I plan to add to the gallery with time. If any of you have any old Alexis pictures you can share, please forward them to me via email through the contact page. Thanks!

As always, please contact me if you have any Alexis related information that you can supply, and be sure to pass the web address on to others, especially any fellow Alexis owners.

Look for further updates going into the spring. I hope to add information on fixes for the dreaded Imp axle set up in the rear uprights, and information on availability of NEW MK 15 windscreens. I’ve had a mold made, and produced and sold the first run of 8. I do have one black screen left. Please contact me if you have a need for one. The quality is very very good…..

Hope all of you Alexis owners out there have the chance to get your cars out this summer for some racing fun………..